Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator (PC) is CIMA Research Foundation, represented by Dr. Roberto Rudari. The PC is responsible for the overall leadership and financial management of RASOR includes the following tasks:

  • administer the financial contribution regarding its allocation between the partners or beneficiaries and activities;
  • ensure that all the appropriate payments are made to the partners without unjustified delay;
  • keep the records and financial accounts making it possible to determine at any time what portion of the financial contribution has been paid to each partner for the purposes of the project;
  • inform the Commission of the distribution of the financial contribution and the date of transfers to the partners;
  • review the reports to verify consistency with the project tasks before transmitting them to the Commission;
  • monitor the compliance of partners with their obligations;
  • cooperation and consultation with the EC on contractual and financial matters;
  • ensuring that legal and ethical issues are properly dealt with as they arise from time to time;
  • other strictly administrative activities.

The PC will set up and manage the project portal, which provides a collaborative working environment, including mailing lists and archives, workflow and document management tools, and other administrative tools. This work will also extend to dissemination activities in WP 12.