Work Package Leaders

The leaders of the work packages will be responsible for detailed implementation of the work packages. Work package leaders perform operative management on the level of their work-package.
They are responsible for convening and chairing the WP group (technical) meetings and for reporting on progress to the Steering Committee, Project Coordinator and to the General Assembly if the latter requires more detailed information. WPLs communicate with the Project Coordinator and the Management Office on day-to-day basis.
By the time of delivery of the end- products, the Work Package leader has to present the report on the deliverable to the Project Coordinator. After each deliverable and report the cost claims are observed by the Project Coordinator and their conformity with the foreseen budget is assessed.
The Project Coordinator has the responsibility to report the costs of the project to all the partners and the European Commission.


List of Work Package Leaders

  • WP1: Roberto Rudari (CIMA)
  • WP2: Andrew Eddy (AG Europe)
  • WP3: Martin Huber (DLR)
  • WP4: Hervé Yesou (UNISTRA)
  • WP5: Joost Beckers (DLT)
  • WP6: Stefano Salvi (INGV)
  • WP7: Hervé Yesou (UNISTRA)
  • WP8: Eva Trasforini (CIMA)
  • WP9: Lauro Rossi (ACR)
  • WP10: Ester Vendrell (ALT), Clément de Alcala (ALT)
  • WP11: Laia Romero (ALT), Fifame Koudogbo (ALT)
  • WP12: Roberto Rudari (CIMA)
  • WP13: Andrew Eddy (AG Europe)