Caribbean Comprehensive Disaster Management Conference, Nassau – 30 November to 5 December. All key players from the caribbean region are present. RASOR took advantage of the event by participating in the “Knowledge marketplace”, a two hour session where 15 ICT tools were presented in parallel to Conference attendees who were asked to “spend” money on tools of their choice. RASOR ranked 4th out of 15, with 1500$ spent compared to 2000$ for the winning tool. RASOR was the highest ranking geospatial analysis tool, and several key contacts were made for potential future users. RASOR also held side meetings with Caribbean Disaster and Emergency Management Executive Director to discuss how RASOR work in Haiti could be applied to other countries in the region, and with the Pacific Disaster Center, to discuss partnering opportunities that would take advantage of the complementary nature of RASOR and the PDC’s DisastersAWARE. RASOR focusses on risk assessment using EO and other technologies to document hazards, exposure and vulnerabilities. DisastersAWARE is a visualization tool to compile socio-economic and environmental vulnerabilities and examine coping capacity within a given country or area. The discussion has led to the definition of a joint process for examining complementary exploitation of the tools, and could lead to an MOU between the RASOR Consortium and the PDC. The PDC is one of the world’s leading Disaster Centers.