Project Description

Work Package 8

Word package number WP8
Type of activity Research and technological development including scientific coordination
Wordk Package title Scenarios Development
Start month 4
End month 26
Lead beneficiary CIMA Research Foundation



Satellite imagery supports several aspects of risk assessment and risk scenarios identification and historical reconstruction. Building on asset and hazard mapping provided by WP4, 5 and 6 and historic cases reconstruction in WP7 this WP aims at:

  • Characterizing vulnerability into a multi-hazard context, taking into account direct and indirect damage
  • Developing a methodology that takes further the concept of vulnerability by introducing social vulnerability indicators on the one side and the “residual functionality” of the different assets on the other
  • Provide a methodological framework for Risk scenarios assessment to be integrated in WP9 for use in Risk management plans in the prevention/preparedness phase as well as to support the reconstruction phase in a Disaster Risk Reduction framework.


List of Tasks

T8.1 – Vulnerability, Functionality and criticality function definition [Months: 4-7]
T8.2 – Direct and Systemic vulnerability assessment methodology [Months: 5-7]
T8.3 – Scenarios methodology development [Months: 5-7]
T8.4 – Multi-risk scenarios assessment [Months: 6-26]

List of deliverables

Deliverable Title Lead beneficiary Nature Dissemination
level (*)
D8.1 Definition of vulnerability, functionality and criticality functions CIMA Research Foundation Report PP 6
D8.2 Methodology for direct and systemic vulnerability CIMA Research Foundation Report PP 6
D8.3 Methodology for scenarios development CIMA Research Foundation Report PP 6
D8.4 Methodology for multi-risk scenarios development CENTRO EUROPEO DI FORMAZIONE
Report PP 26

(*) PP -> Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services)

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