Project Description

Work Package 2

Word package number WP2
Type of activity Research and technological development including scientific coordination
Wordk Package title User Needs Assessment
Start month 1
End month 16
Lead beneficiary AG EUROPE SAS



  • Understand existing means of analysing risk
  • Understand challenges facing users
  • Describe user needs and capture as requirements
  • Describe output for project at high-level


List of Tasks

T2.1 – Document existing means of risk analysis for multiple hazards [Months: 1-2]
T2.2 – Interview to end users [Months: 1-2]
T2.3 – Compile interview results and draft requirements [Months: 2-16]
T2.4 – Draft concept paper [Months: 1-3]

List of deliverables

Deliverable Title Lead beneficiary Nature Dissemination
level (*)
D2.1 Overview of existing risk and vulnerability analysis AG EUROPE SAS Report PP 1
D2.2 Preliminary Statement of User Requirements (PSUR) AG EUROPE SAS Report PP 2
D2.3 RASOR Concept Paper AG EUROPE SAS Report PP 2
D2.4 First draft User Requirements Document (URDv1) AG EUROPE SAS Report PP 4
D2.5 Final URD AG EUROPE SAS Report PP 16

(*) PP -> Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services)

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