Project Description

Work Package 7

Word package number WP7
Type of activity Research and technological development including scientific coordination
Wordk Package title Historical Disaster Extent and Damage Overlay
Start month 1
End month 11



Mine satellite archives over five pilot areas to accumulate data over a ten year or longer reference period Process EO data over test sites and produced geo spatial information on the maximum damage extent, duration, frequency etc. The focus of this analysis will be on floods, but will include other hazards when relevant (e.g. earthquake and floods associated with cyclones in Haiti).


List of Tasks

T7.1 – Mining of disasters events over tests sites from open sources [Months: 2-3]
T7.2 – Mining and Analysis on relevant EO database [Months: 3-5]
T7.3 – Selection and procurement of the most convenient EO data [Months: 5-7]
T7.4 – Processing of EO data [Months: 7-11]
T7.5 – Crossing land cover and disaster extent/frequency/duration [Months: 7-11]

List of deliverables

Deliverable Title Lead beneficiary Nature Dissemination
level (*)
D7.1 Listing of convenient EO data source/archive UNIVERSITE DE STRASBOURG Report PP 2
D7.2 Identification of future interesting sensors for RASOR UNIVERSITE DE STRASBOURG Report PP 2
D7.3 Listing of appropriate EO dataset by test site UNIVERSITE DE STRASBOURG Report PP 3
D7.4 Geospatial information for the RASOR tool UNIVERSITE DE STRASBOURG Prototype PP 10
D7.5 Final report on historical case studies CIMA Research Foundation Report PU 11

(*) PP -> Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services)

Related files
Final report on historical case studies  Download
WP: WP7 - Task: T7.5 - Deliverable: D7.5 - Status: Complete - Commission: n.a. - by cima