Project Description

Work Package 6

Word package number WP6
Type of activity Research and technological development including scientific coordination
Wordk Package title GeoRisk Components
Start month 2
End month 26



  • Identify a list of products/services, based on EO data and ancillary data integration, able to provide usable and commercially appealing information on specific geohazard types (subsidences, gravitational slope deformations, earthquakes)
  • Provide information useful support risk calculation, although not to quantitatively compute risk
  • Establish a set of procedures, standards, and benchmarks for the provision of the services/products
  • Develop the geohazard-related products for hazard and exposure evaluation in a wide range of environmental and societal contexts.
  • Implement into the RASOR IT system the tools necessary for extracting such products from satellite images.
  • Demonstrate and assess the products on selected case studies.
  • Provide support to the system integration of the geohazard components


List of Tasks

T6.1 – Analysis of user requirements and service specifications [Months: 2-5]
T6.2 – Support to implementation of geohazard products/services [Months: 5-21]
T6.3 – Exposure mapping [Months: 5-21]
T6.4 – Support to Service demonstration and fine tuning [Months: 7-26]

List of deliverables

Deliverable Title Lead beneficiary Nature Dissemination
level (*)
D6.1 Specifications of the geohazard products and services IST. NAZ. DI GEOFISICA E VULCANOLOGIA Report PP 6
D6.2 Report on implementation of product processing tools into RASOR IST. NAZ. DI GEOFISICA E VULCANOLOGIA Other PP 10
D6.3 Report based on results obtained in the case studies (GeoRisk Tools) IST. NAZ. DI GEOFISICA E VULCANOLOGIA Report PP 26

(*) PP -> Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services)

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