Northern Italy


Risks: Seismic, Flood, Liquefaction

Importance: High Value, Industrial production, high detail of in-situ data available also for validation.

Deliverables: Economic quantification of the combined Seismic-flood risk: Cost of seismic event, Cost of retrofitting, Damage on flood protection infrastructure, Cost of combined seismic/flood hazard (interim period).

EO Data: SAR and Optical

End Users: National Civil Protection (DPC), Regional Civil Protection (ARPA-SIMC)

A multi-risk case study has been designed by taking into account the interaction between an earthquake and flood protection infrastructures.
An earthquake with characteristics analogous to the 2012 event has been simulated. The PGA values have been compared with a criticality index peculiar of each track of the Po levee system in the area, identifying the most critical one. Then a what-if analysis has been performed, assuming that the levee has been actually damaged, and thus it is not able to contain the flow. In this framework, physical and economic damages have been computed in connection to flood events characterized by different magnitude.

Identification of the most critical element of the Po flood protection system in connection to an EQ event analogous to the 2012 one.

Maximum water level simulated in connection to a breach in the levee system and a discharge equal to roughly 6000 m3/s.

Evaluation of the economic damage due to the simulated flood.